Hong Kong Online Flower Shop

hong kong online flower shop

    flower shop
  • Floristry is the general term used to describe the professional floral trade. It encompasses flower care and handling, floral design or flower arranging, merchandising, and display and flower delivery. Wholesale florists sell bulk flowers and related supplies to professionals in the trade.

    hong kong
  • formerly a Crown Colony on the coast of southern China in Guangdong province; leased by China to Britain in 1842 and returned in 1997; one of the world's leading commercial centers

  • A special administrative region on the southeastern coast of China, a former British dependency; pop. 6,850,000. The area comprises Hong Kong Island, ceded by China in 1841; the Kowloon peninsula, ceded in 1860; and the New Territories, additional areas of the mainland that were leased for 99 years in 1898. All were returned to China in 1997. Hong Kong has become one of the world's major financial and manufacturing centers

  • British Hong Kong refers to Hong Kong under British rule from 1841 to 1997.

  • Hong Kong is a live album by Jean Michel Jarre, and released in 1994 on Disques Dreyfus, licensed to Polydor.

  • With processing of data carried out simultaneously with its production

  • on-line: connected to a computer network or accessible by computer; "an on-line database"

  • on-line: on a regular route of a railroad or bus or airline system; "on-line industries"

  • on-line(a): being in progress now; "on-line editorial projects"

  • In or into operation or existence

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hong kong online flower shop - Authentic Chinese

Authentic Chinese wooden Mooncake mold - three flowers design

Authentic Chinese wooden Mooncake mold - three flowers design

Reorients vintage wooden mooncake molds are each individually hand carved and were originally produced in the late 1970s soon after Chinas Cultural Revolution. Though over 30 years old these mooncake molds are unused and like new. They were stored away in unmarked crates in the back of a Hong Kong warehouse until we recently discovered them. Each shows the true character of handcrafted wood carved with simple traditional tools. This round lotus mooncake mold imprints a single flower design on three seperate mooncakes. Collectors of antiques will find these mooncake molds to be a unique look into Chinas past. Bakers will enjoy these traditional mooncake molds for both their simplicity and authenticity and for making mooncakes for the Mid Autumn Chinese Moon Festival. According to the Chinese Calendar the Moon Festival falls every year on the 15th day of the 8th month. Mooncakes are said to have played a key role in the rise of the Ming Dynasty as secret messages were hidden inside the mooncakes or encrypted in their intricate designs.

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JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong

JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong

The JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong offers an ideal location set atop the world-famous Pacific Place. Our new guest rooms boast breathtaking views, contemporary furnishings, luxurious bedding, 42" flat-panel TV and connectivity to plug and play iPods and other personal devices. Relax with a dip in the outdoor heated pool. Stay fit with a great workout on new equipment in our health club, open daily 24 hours. Enjoy cocktails and fabulous food at one of our six award-winning restaurants. Winner of Meetings & Conventions Magazine's Gold Key Award for 11 years, we offer the finest event facilities. For receptions, conferences or weddings, we'll accommodate intimate or large gatherings up to 1,000 with the largest ballroom in Hong Kong. The JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong - offering ultimate luxury for discerning travellers.

???? ???? Hong Kong Colonial Cemetery, the Oldest HK Chapel and West Indies Mahogany ????, Hong Kong

???? ???? Hong Kong Colonial Cemetery, the Oldest HK Chapel and West Indies Mahogany ????, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Colonial Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Hong Kong, dated to 1841.

The chapel was built in 1845 when the Hong Kong Colonial Cemetery was formal opened.

The Chapel is the OLDEST CHAPEL in HK. (St John's Cathedral, 1849)

This West Indies Mahogany (????, Swietenia mahagani) is the largest tree of the species in Hong Kong. In the “King of Hong Kong Urban Trees Competition” in 1997, it was elected as the Champion Tree of Wanchai District.

The cemetery is a scenic spot of the video "Echoes of the Rainbow" ????.

hong kong online flower shop

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Large Plastic Flower Pots

large plastic flower pots

    flower pots
  • (Flower-pot) A flower pot or plant pot is a container (such as a pot) in which flowers and other plants are cultivated. Historically, and still to a significant extent today, they are made from terra cotta.

  • (Flower Pot) A cheap helmet, typically not DOT or Snell-approved head protection device. We will visit you in the dirt garden.

  • Credit cards or other types of plastic card that can be used as money

  • generic name for certain synthetic or semisynthetic materials that can be molded or extruded into objects or films or filaments or used for making e.g. coatings and adhesives

  • capable of being influenced or formed; "the plastic minds of children"; "a pliant nature"

  • A synthetic material made from a wide range of organic polymers such as polyethylene, PVC, nylon, etc., that can be molded into shape while soft and then set into a rigid or slightly elastic form

  • fictile: capable of being molded or modeled (especially of earth or clay or other soft material); "plastic substances such as wax or clay"

  • at a distance, wide of something (as of a mark)

  • above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent; "a large city"; "set out for the big city"; "a large sum"; "a big (or large) barn"; "a large family"; "big businesses"; "a big expenditure"; "a large number of newspapers"; "a big group of scientists"; "large areas of the world"

  • a garment size for a large person

  • Of greater size than the ordinary, esp. with reference to a size of clothing or to the size of a packaged commodity

  • Of considerable or relatively great size, extent, or capacity

  • Pursuing an occupation or commercial activity on a significant scale

Flowers in a Pot

Flowers in a Pot

Hello Flickr Friends,

It has been a long time since my last post. I finally have had some time to make some new photos, but not a lot. Yesterday was a nice bright sunny day and as I do so often at this time of year when I don't have a lot of time, my subject becomes the flowers my better half grows in our garden. This time I decided it was time to focus on using the Lensbaby with the Plastic Optic. Funny thing about this optic, at F8 you get one type of effect, but when you open up to F4 all of a sudden you get this really dreamy look. It is surprising because you don't really see it as you are composing the shot. Everything that is a lighter colour and has the sun hitting it ends up with an aura or halo around it. If you look at the larger sizes of this one, you will see that I was focused on the left half of the front white flower and that it actually was in focus :-)

So a while ago I promised I would let you all know what has been going on in my life. I can finally do that now. My previous employer and I parted ways in January, and I started my own consulting business. I started my first contract in April. Exciting stuff! We also decided that it was time to move. In May we bought a new (older) house, and sold our current (newer) house. This will give the better half, the puppy and the kid a much larger garden to play in and I will share the results of that as the new garden blooms! We don't move until the end of July so it will probably be next summer before anything truly exciting happens in the new garden.

head components

head components

The head itself was made from a large plastic flower pot. The bottom cover of the head was a lid stolen from a large tupperware bowl. It was a pefect fit. The small piece between the head and its bottom cover was a PVC adapter fititing with a male thread. It was threaded through the hole in the top of the head, into another PVC adapter with a female thread that was ot top of the neck assembly

large plastic flower pots

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