Floral Wrist Corsages

floral wrist corsages

  • The upper part of a woman's dress

  • (Corsage (bodice)) Corsage refers to the bodice of a dress. In the 19th century, corsage was a common term for a woman's bodice or jacket.

  • Corsage refers to a bouquet of flowers worn on a woman's dress or worn around her wrist.

  • A spray of flowers worn pinned to a woman's clothes

  • (corsage) bouquet: an arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present

  • Of flora or floras

  • relating to or associated with flowers; "floral organs"

  • Of flowers

  • resembling or made of or suggestive of flowers; "an unusual floral design"

  • Decorated with or depicting flowers

  • of or relating to the plant life in a particular region; "characteristic alpine floral elements"

  • The joint connecting the hand with the forearm

  • The part of a garment covering the wrist; a cuff

  • The complex joint between forearm bones, carpus, and metacarpals where the hand is attached to the arm; the carpus in narrow sense

  • The equivalent joint (the carpal joint) in the foreleg of a quadruped or the wing of a bird

  • The junction between the two forearm bones (radius and ulna) and the eight wrist bones (trapezium, trapezoid, capitate, hamate, pisiform, triquetral, lunate and scaphoid).

  • a joint between the distal end of the radius and the proximal row of carpal bones

floral wrist corsages - Dynaflex Pro

Dynaflex Pro Sports Gyro Wrist Exerciser

Dynaflex Pro Sports Gyro Wrist Exerciser

The Original Dyna-Flex Pro is entry level gyro that everyone is talking about. The rotor, which can reach speeds of up to 9,000, rpm and puts out 35lbs. of torque, features a new "thermo band", which aids the user in controlling this powerhouse. The Dyna-Flex Pro a newly designed fun and almost addicting new product that is not only can be used as an executive relaxer, a carpal-tunnel/arthritis reliever, or a strength and coordination builder, but will knock your socks off! Wherever tasks necessitate repetitive wrist motions that includes flexion, extension and rotation or if you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive motion trauma then, the Dyna-Flex is a product that you should be using or at least trying out once. We challenge you to take hold of the Dynaflex Pro when it's moving at 9,000 rpm's.

77% (18)

Wrist Corsage Pincushion

Wrist Corsage Pincushion

A pincushion that goes where you do! Yeah!
A cute little pincushion, shaped like a flower--made from wool felt and feedsack fabric--put on a belt webbing wrist strap.

Bridal Silk Cuff 1

Bridal Silk Cuff 1

Bridal wrist corsage, ?30
Hemp-silk and silk organza upper, organic cotton flannel backing. Embellished with silk threads and crystal pearls
Made to order in your size

floral wrist corsages

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