Fall Wedding Flower Arrangement : Large Paper Flower.

Fall Wedding Flower Arrangement

fall wedding flower arrangement

    flower arrangement
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fall colors, oberg mountain, minnesota

fall colors, oberg mountain, minnesota

fall colors, oberg mountain, minnesota

I finally got my camera back, so I went up the North Shore of Minnesota last weekend to try it out on some fall colors. This is a panoramic view from Oberg Mountain located between the towns of Tofte and Lutsen. It's a well traveled hiking trail that loops around the 'mountain' and offers some breathtaking views of the Lake Superior National Forest area and its dense populations of Sugar Maple, Aspen, Birch and Spruce trees. Locals describe it as looking like a big bowl of Foot Loops or Fruity Pebbles :D

Fall Colors

Fall Colors

Fall Colors - Vertical Pan - IMG_9482-1000

fall wedding flower arrangement

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