Pictures Of Large Flower Arrangements. Same Day Delivery Valentines Flowers.

Pictures Of Large Flower Arrangements

pictures of large flower arrangements

    flower arrangements
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pictures of large flower arrangements - Best Wishes

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Dark purple flower in bouquet, posted in honor of incoming President Obama

Dark purple flower in bouquet, posted in honor of incoming President Obama

I spotted this in a table arrangement at a party for a sister-in-law. When I posted this, I thought it was the natural color of the flower. It's not. Read on . . .

This is the closest I can come to a picture which a) shows something black, or nearly so, and b) is celebratory. Even more glorious at the larger sizes.

God bless our incoming President. He'll surely need it.

In her comment (see below) Jude's Jewels tells me that this is, indeed, a chrysanthemum, and that that isn't the natural flower color. She says that dye was taken up from a solution the plant was partially immersed in. I stand by my sentiments. It's the thought, I hope, that counts.

Flower Still Life Study (2)

Flower Still Life Study (2)

This is the second in a set of four different interpretations of the same wild flower arrangement.

Each time I chose a different way to process the RAW files in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Please take a look at the other three versions and let me know which one you like best.

This picture is best viewed as large as your screen will allow.

pictures of large flower arrangements

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